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Why do we need to sand a floor in Miami Miami Florida? This question is typically asked from the professionals, the answer would be, to restore or preserve the beauty of your floor. Sanding floor is not a easy task and usually depends on how damaged your floor is and the main reason to sand your floor is, to give beauty to it. Floor sanding is a set of different processes that needs specia attention and patience. This work can only be done by the professionals. Professionals make sure that your floor get its beauty or shape back.
Do you seek a professional help for your ruined floors? If yes, then you need Wood Floor Sanding Miami.
Maintenance of floor is so important, to keep them in good condition or shape. It is advisable to maintain and renovate your floors every once in a while to avoid major repairs in the future. We, provide both services to our clients’ including floor polishing, oiling and waxing. Renovation and Replacement:
Look under your carpet and check if your floor needs replacement or restoration. Stained or floors who have gaps don’t look good to the eyes and give your home a horrible look. Our company provides every type of services that you may ask
Who are we?
We are a wood floor sanding company based in South London and covers the area including Chelsea, Richmond, Putney, Wimbledon, Clapham, Kingston, Balham, Teddington and Wandsworth. We are specialized in sanding, cleaning, laying and sealing of the wooden floor. We use the best and high quality equipment to restore your floor to original position. We are in this field for more than 10 years and known as most reliable ones. Our team is professional and hardworking.
How would you get the best results from us?<br/> To get the best results, we need a cleared and cleaned room. We need to remove all the furniture to have the full access. Removing the furniture is included in our services so you don’t have to be worried about that. We start by removing the floor coverings.
The team sands the surface with sanding machine and other highly professional tools.
The room needs to be completely empty because the drum sander usually is really bulky and you need space to move it in the room.
Preparation: We start with fixing the loose boards or any other problems your floors may have. Everything is fixed before sanding. After that we vacuum the floor properly.
We are good at:
Let me tell you why people prefer us over every other company:
• We pay a visit to your home before taking the contract and first check the floor’s condition. The visit is free.
• We then estimate the cost and there are no hidden charges.
• We use high technology.
• The team is fully professional and understanding
• The sanding is dust-free and cost-effective
• We repair the blocks and any other problems your floor may have
• We are good at replacements and gap fillings
We are skilled and highly professional team that put their efforts to make your homes look beautiful and cleaner. Call us now for a free visit and to get a free estimate.


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New installations Wood floor Miami Miami wood flooring offers a variety of installation methods of parquet blocks and solid wooden floors to suit the type and condition of your sub floor. Our service is very versatile and comprehensive including secret nailing onto battens or existing floorboards, gluing down onto concrete and floating if necessary. Striving for excellence wood floor Miami use the very best equipment available and our attention to detail is second to none.



Wood floor Miami offer a restoration service (sand and seal) that will reinstate your floor to its previous glory. We only use equipment from the worlds leading manufacturers to ensure the surface is level and smooth and free of old scratches and stains. We use hard wax oil for a finish, applied in two coats by brush to guarantee proper protection of your floor. All materials used have been tested and proven over many years of experience call us at 305-690-0723.

Hardwood Floor Installation
If you are thinking about installing wood floors in your home or office, you’ve come to the right place! Wood Floor Miami Service provides reliable hardwood floor installation services in Miami, Miami,Brooklyn, and Long island area area, helping clients accomplish their goals for a beautiful space that looks and feels new.


Our Review

1 Jan 2016

Wood Floor Miami

I researched many review sites, and decided to go with these guys. I can not say enough good things about Wood Floor Miami. The service was outstanding, the price was good, the installation was a real work of craftsmanship. I have never seen a better installation of hardwood floors and tile, ever! I am a perfectionist and there was not one thing wrong with this job. We had about 1,000 sf of tile removed and 1400 sf of hardwood flooring installed.

17 Feb 2016

Wood Floor Miami

Wood Floor Miami team did an amazing job with flooring in my whole house!! Great quality, good prices, was done very fast, guys have great experience and they know what they doing! Michael very nice and helping with any question i had!! Thank you guys for awesome job and for making my house look new again! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone i know!!


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